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Greetings from Camp Durrell, ca. 1908

Contributed by Friendship Museum
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Greetings from Camp Durrell, ca. 1908
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This postcard, printed by the camp, shows campers gathered around a rustic stone fireplace in the Pavilion, the main lodge of the camp. Presumably, the campers are singing camp songs, which are songs that resulted from the camp setting its own words to melodies from songs that were familiar to all. For example, set to the tune of "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" is the following camp song:

In the shade of the Moody Isle tree,
Where the boys are as busy as bees,
Where from morning till night
There is fun out of sight,
And at evening there's always a breeze.
There the food that we eat is O.K.
And there's never a sad, lonely day.
We'll be faithful to you
By the ocean so blue,
Camp Durrell, 'neath the Moody Isle tree.

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