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Panorama of Friendship harbor, ca.1910

Contributed by Friendship Museum
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Panorama of Friendship harbor, ca.1910
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This panorama shows the harbor in Friendship around the turn of the century. In the foreground a man is securing his sloop, a pleasure craft, at low tide. The poles on the beach are used to launch lobster cars. One of these is on the beach, and another is floating just off shore.

Lobstermen transferred their catch to lobster cars so that lobster smacks could pick them up and take them to a wharf, where they would be sold. Sometimes lobstermen would hold their catch in lobster cars while they waited for the price to go up. On a float to the far left, there is a machine for hauling and drying fishing nets.

Tied up to the Jameson & Wotton Wharf are a steamboat, which represents the new era of vessels powered by steam engines, and a two-masted schooner, which represents the old era of wind-driven vessels.

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