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Schooner 'Bowdoin's' Seafaring Life

 MacMillan with puppy on 'Bowdoin,' 1939

MacMillan with puppy on 'Bowdoin,' 1939

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Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center

Some of Donald MacMillan's work in the Arctic relied on sleds pulled by dogs especially bred for working. Occasionally a particular dog, like Kahda, became a pet as well. MacMillan was known to be fond of dogs and very good at working with them -- skills he learned from Inuit companions on his first Arctic expedition with Robert Peary in 1908-1909.

Donald MacMillan, a native of Provincetown, Massachusetts, moved to Maine as a teenager. He graduated from Freeport High School and later from Bowdoin College, for which he named the schooner he built in 1921 for Arctic expeditions.

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