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Charles Cole letters

Edwin Witham letter to Charles Cole, 1862

Edwin Witham letter to Charles Cole, 1862

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Sebago Historical Society

Ed Witham, member of the 5th Maine Infantry and brother to Charles Cole's neighbor in Sebago, wrote to Charles that he had reformed some since being in the regiment and "left off swearing and drinking." He reported that he had joined the Sons of Temperance.

He also recounted an event that happened in Augusta during his time there. The squads went to the theater regularly, but one night there was a fire in the building that housed the Post Office and theater.

Apparently believing that a soldier was responsible for starting the fire, the city marshal and the police went to the barracks to take the soldier to jail.

They were attacked by the soldiers who "tore the City marshalls coat all off of him and his hat and took his revolver and knife away."

The marshal hastily retreated across the bridge to escape the assault. Witham advised:"dont let eny boddy read this burn it as soon as you read it"

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