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Boys' Glee Club, Farmington State Normal School, 1925

Boys' Glee Club, Farmington State Normal School, 1925

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Mantor Library at UMF

Principal Purington established the first Glee Club in 1902; the majority of its members were women. It made its debut at an athletics exhibition in spring of that year. By 1917, the club had grown to 29 members and for many years there were boys and girls Glee Clubs at F.S.N.S.

This photo is of the 1925 Boys Glee Club.

Glee Clubs continued to be popular throughout the early history of the school with large memberships and performances at major school events, such as Christmas pageants and Easter services, as well as other musical performances with the school orchestra.

In the 1950s, so many students were interested in participating, that there were three glee clubs on campus: Women, Freshmen Girls, and Men.