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Most Inconvenient Storm, 1886

State Street, Portland, 1886

State Street, Portland, 1886

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The Portland Daily Press followed up in its edition of Saturday, Jan. 30. 1886.

"The full extent of the damage done by the storm of Thursday was not realized by the people of Portland until yesterday morning when they awoke to find many of the streets rendered entirely impassable by scattered limbs torn from the trees by the weight of ice.

"Among the streets where the greatest damage had been done during the night are Pine, High, Danforth, and State streets.

"In Deering Park, the oaks have suffered nearly as much as the elms in the city.

"On many, in place of graceful tops are unsightly and bare limbs; and the ground is littered by a supply of firewood which is regarded with covetous eyes by very many passers.

"The residents of that part of the city say that there was a continual smashing in the park all Thursday night."

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