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Early Fish Canneries in Brooklin

Boatyard at Center Harbor, Brooklin

Boatyard at Center Harbor, Brooklin

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Sedgwick-Brooklin Historical Society

Originally this site was the setting for the Ramsdell Fish Packing Plant.
The decline of the canning industry began in the mid-1930s; fish became scarcer and transportation more of a problem. The factory sites began to be used for various boat yards.
This site was sold to Frank Sylvester and Frank Day in 1938 to become a boat yard. Later it was sold to Herrick and Allen. The land was leased to Arno Day as a boat yard in 1952, and he in turn sold the business to Joel White, who started Brooklin Boat Yard in 1960.
These are the first buildings of the Brooklin Boat Yard, shown nearly new in 1962. Now operated by his son, Steve White, the Brooklin Boat Yard has grown into a famous building and restoration center for wooden boats. See industry began in the late 1930s.
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