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Category: People, Native Americans

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Item 7330

Indian Raid on Casco Bay, 1676

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society

Date: 1676-09-13

Location: Portland

Media: Ink on paper

Item 9213

Derivations of the name Peter Paul within the Abenaki community

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society

Date: 1960-06-13

Location: Woodstock

Media: Ink on paper

Item 9305

Indian loyalty oath, 1684

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society

Date: circa 1684

Media: Ink on paper

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Iron axe head, Auburn, ca. 1700

Indians, Furs, and Economics

When Europeans arrived in North America and disrupted traditional Native American patterns of life, they also offered other opportunities: trade goods for furs. The fur trade had mixed results for the Wabanaki.


Glooskap Setting His Dogs on the Witches, ca. 1884

Gluskap of the Wabanaki

Creation and other cultural tales are important to framing a culture's beliefs and values -- and passing those on. The Wabanaki -- Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot -- Indians of Maine and Nova Scotia tell stories of a cultural hero/creator, a giant who lived among them and who promised to return.


Map of coastal Maine forts, 1723

The Devil and the Wilderness

Anglo-Americans in northern New England sometimes interpreted their own anxieties about the Wilderness, their faith, and their conflicts with Native Americans as signs that the Devil and his handmaidens, witches, were active in their midst.

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Decontie and Brown's venture in high fashion design

by Decontie and Brown

Penobscot haute couture designs from Bangor


My story about tours of duty in Vietnam

by Maynard Bradley

I served in the Army Special Forces as a Green Beret, it still effects me today.


The centuries-long history of Passamaquoddy Veterans

by Donald Soctomah, Passamaquoddy Historic Preservation Office

Passamaquoddy Veterans Protecting the Homeland