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Item 19281

Ice tongs, Presque Isle, ca. 1910

Contributed by: Presque Isle Historical Society Date: circa 1910 Location: Presque Isle Media: Metal

Item 15240

Unloading potatoes, ca. 1959

Contributed by: Oakfield Historical Society Date: circa 1959 Media: Photographic print

Item 17357

Ice reefer inspection, ca. 1959

Contributed by: Oakfield Historical Society Date: circa 1959 Media: Photographic print


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Wired! How Electricity Came to Maine

As early as 1633, entrepreneurs along the Piscataqua River in southern Maine utilized the force of the river to power a sawmill, recognizing the potential of the area's natural power sources, but it was not until the 1890s that technology made widespread electricity a reality -- and even then, consumers had to be urged to use it.


"We are growing to be somewhat cosmopolitan..." Waterville, 1911

Between 1870 and 1911, Waterville more than doubled in size, becoming a center of manufacturing, transportation, and the retail trade and offering a variety of entertainments for its residents.


Blueberries to Potatoes: Farming in Maine

Not part of the American "farm belt," Maine nonetheless has been known over the years for a few agricultural items, especially blueberries, sweet corn, potatoes, apples, chickens and dairy products.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Loading ice, Presque Isle Stream, 1946

… were used to cool Bangor and Aroostook Railroad refrigerator cars for shipping potatoes. Cement blocks were manufactured in the small building on…

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Lowell's General Store & the Railroad

The advancement in refrigerated cars made the export of meat possible as well as improved the condition of eggs and fruit.

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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm Interviews - Page 2 of 2

… dependent on our music, and our television, our refrigerators, and our showers, and our washing machines.