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Item 98705

Letter to Gen. Hodsdon from recruiter Hovey Austin, Presque Isle, 1862

Contributed by: Presque Isle Historical Society Date: 1862 Location: Presque Isle Media: Ink on paper

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Item 16118

Civil War Recruiting Poster, Bancroft Mills, 1862

Contributed by: Aroostook County Historical and Art Museum Date: 1862 Location: Bancroft Mills Media: paper

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Item 98428

Recruitment Ad, Belfast, 1861

Contributed by: Belfast Historical Society Date: 1861-10-10 Location: Belfast Media: ink on paper

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Scarborough: They Answered the Call

Scarborough met every quota set by the state for supplying Civil War soldiers for Union regiments. Some of those who responded became prominent citizens of the town.


Field & Homefront: Bethel during the Civil War

Like many towns, Bethel responded to the Civil War by sending many soldiers and those at the homefront sent aid and supported families. The town grew during the war, but suffered after its end.


Home Ties: Sebago During the Civil War

Letters to and from Sebago soldiers who served in the Civil War show concern on both sides about farms and other issues at home as well as concern from the home front about soldiers' well-being.

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Biddeford History & Heritage Project - Civil War

As the war progressed, cities and towns were given quotas for recruiting soldiers, either for 1 year or 3 year stints of service.

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Biddeford History & Heritage Project - VII. Flow and ebb: the effects of industrial peak & global upheaval (1900-1955) - Page 3 of 3

Ad by Pepperell Mills to recruit women workers, Biddeford, 1943Item Contributed byMcArthur Public Library In Biddeford, like the rest of urban…

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Surry by the Bay - Early Settlement

Early Settlement Copy of Surry and Ellsworth map, ca. 1880Item Contributed byMaine Historical Society Border Dispute Originally, Surry…

My Maine Stories

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USCG Boot Camp Experience, Vietnam War era
by Peter S. Morgan, Jr.

"Letters to the Wall" Memorial Day


How I broke the mold for women to serve in the military
by Mary D. McGuirk

My life and career as a USAF Nurse


Growing up DownEast
by Darrin MC Mclellan

Stories of growing up Downeast