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Item 12955

Potato fork, Littleton, c. 1950

Contributed by: Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum Date: circa 1950 Location: Littleton Media: wood and steel

Item 22593

Potato harvester, Mapleton, ca. 1940

Contributed by: Presque Isle Historical Society Date: circa 1940 Location: Mapleton Media: Photographic print

Item 22306

Potato harvest, Woodland, ca. 1922

Contributed by: Nylander Museum Date: circa 1922 Location: Woodland Media: Photographic print


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Maine Eats: the food revolution starts here

From Maine's iconic lobsters, blueberries, potatoes, apples, and maple syrup, to local favorites like poutine, baked beans, red hot dogs, Italian sandwiches, and Whoopie Pies, Maine's identity and economy are inextricably linked to food. Sourcing food, preparing food, and eating food are all part of the heartbeat of Maine's culture and economy. Now, a food revolution is taking us back to our roots in Maine: to the traditional sources, preparation, and pleasures of eating food that have sustained Mainers for millennia.


In Time and Eternity: Shakers in the Industrial Age

"In Time and Eternity: Maine Shakers in the Industrial Age 1872-1918" is a series of images that depict in detail the Shakers in Maine during a little explored time period of expansion and change.


The Public Face of Christmas

Christmas, a Christian holiday observed by many Mainers, has a very public, seasonal face that makes it visible to those of all beliefs.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Potato Harvest Memories - Page 2 of 5

The seeds were potatoes from the year before. The potatoes would be on a rack and as they went by, Edwena would cut them into four pieces.

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Harvesting Potatoes - Page 9 of 13

Harvesting Potatoes A POTATO HARVESTING SCENE A Potato Harvesting Scene, Presque Isle, 1945Item Contributed byPresque Isle Historical Society…

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Presque Isle: The Star City - Harvesting Potatoes - Page 12 of 13

This type of grapple is more often used in potato storage houses. The grapple on the right, though, can be more easily tossed onto the barrel from…

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Aroostook Potato Harvest: Perspective of a Six Year Old
by Phyllis A. Blackstone

A child's memory of potato harvest in the 1950s