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Item 55345

Recreated bellarmine jug, Popham Colony, ca. 1600

Contributed by: Maine State Museum Date: circa 1600 Location: Phippsburg Media: pottery

Item 55347

Cabasset cheek piece from Popham Colony, Phippsburg, ca. 1607-1608

Contributed by: Maine State Museum Date: circa 1607 Location: Phippsburg Media: iron, steel

Item 66463

Fort Popham, Phippsburg, ca. 1935

Contributed by: Boston Public Library Date: circa 1935 Location: Phippsburg Media: Linen texture postcard


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Popham Colony

George Popham and a group of fellow Englishmen arrived at the mouth of the Kennebec River, hoping to trade with Native Americans, find gold and other valuable minerals, and discover a Northwest passage. In 18 months, the fledgling colony was gone.


Liberty Threatened: Maine in 1775

At Lexington and Concord, on April 19, 1775, British troops attempted to destroy munitions stored by American colonists. The battles were the opening salvos of the American Revolution. Shortly, the conflict would erupt in Maine.


Luxurious Leisure

From the last decades of the nineteenth century through about the 1920s, vacationers were attracted to large resort hotels that promised a break from the noise, crowds, and pressures of an ever-urbanizing country.

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Biddeford History & Heritage Project - II. Ripples of change: European exploration & settlement at Winter Harbor - Page 1 of 2

… to overcome the difficulties that had plagued the Popham Colony (Brunswick) in 1606-7. He was convinced that the climate was no less harsh than…

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Skowhegan Community History - A Brief History of the Skowhegan Area

… to feel great losses as early as 1607 when the Popham expedition came to the mouth of the great Kennebec River.

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Bath's Historic Downtown - History Overview

Though short-lived, that British colony marked the beginning of more permanent settlement along the western side of the river in what became known as…