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Item 75220

An opinion on Eastern's closing, Brewer, 2006

Contributed by: Maine Folklife Center, Univ. of Maine Date: 2004 Location: Brewer Media: audio recording

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Item 67542

Hockey game, Hill Mill, Lewiston, ca. 1940

Contributed by: Franco-American Collection Date: circa 1940 Location: Lewiston Media: Photographic print

Item 75472

Sensing Eastern's closure was coming, Brewer, 2006

Contributed by: Maine Folklife Center, Univ. of Maine Date: 2004 Location: Brewer Media: audio recording

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Eastern Fine Paper

The paper mill on the Penobscot River in South Brewer, which became known as Eastern Fine Paper Co., began as a sawmill in 1884 and grew over the years as an important part of the economy of the region and a large presence in the landscape. Its closing in 2005 affected more than the men and women who lost their jobs.


Making Paper, Making Maine

Paper has shaped Maine's economy, molded individual and community identities, and impacted the environment throughout Maine. When Hugh Chisholm opened the Otis Falls Pulp Company in Jay in 1888, the mill was one of the most modern paper-making facilities in the country, and was connected to national and global markets. For the next century, Maine was an international leader in the manufacture of pulp and paper.


Silk Manufacturing in Westbrook

Cultivation of silkworms and manufacture of silk thread was touted as a new agricultural boon for Maine in the early 19th century. However, only small-scale silk production followed. In 1874, the Haskell Silk Co. of Westbrook changed that, importing raw silk, and producing silk machine twist threat, then fabrics, until its demise in 1930.

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Lincoln, Maine - MacGregor's Spool Mill

Overall, that we worry that the mill will be closed forever. Oct. 18, 1918 At the insisting of my aging mother, my new husband, and my “wise” sister…

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Lincoln, Maine - Mills & Paper Industry - Page 2 of 2

… 8, 1968: Eastern Fine’s Lincoln and Brewer mills close unexpectedly when the costs of running the mill outweigh the benefits for the Standard…

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Historic Hallowell - The Opening & Closing of Hallowell's Shoe Companies

The Cotton Mill sold the machinery to a mill in Georgia. In 1903, the Cotton Mill was sold to Kennebec Realty Company.

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It was like a family in the mill
by Arnold R. Couture

I saw a lot of changes at the International Paper Otis Mill during my 26 years as an electrician


My career working at Pepperell Mills in the Vellux Division
by David Bishop

My 35 years working in the Vellux blanket division of Pepperell Mills, Biddeford.


Everything we did was new and exciting in the Vellux division
by Maurice Paquette

If you applied yourself you could do anything at Pepperell Mills.