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Item 76572

Fire department water battle, Old Town, 1965

Contributed by: Town of Topsham Date: 1965-07-25 Location: Old Town Media: Photographic print

Item 76582

Fire muster stream platform, Gardner, Massachusetts, 1950

Contributed by: Town of Topsham Date: 1950-09-02 Location: Gardner Media: Photographic print

Item 76560

Member of the Androscoggin Veteran Fire Association muster team, Topsham, 1964

Contributed by: Town of Topsham Date: 1964-07-18 Location: Topsham Media: Photographic print


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A Day for Remembering

Most societies have had rituals or times set aside to honor ancestors, those who have died and have paved the way for the living. Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, is the day Americans have set aside for such remembrances.


Scarborough: They Answered the Call

Scarborough met every quota set by the state for supplying Civil War soldiers for Union regiments. Some of those who responded became prominent citizens of the town.


Field & Homefront: Bethel during the Civil War

Like many towns, Bethel responded to the Civil War by sending many soldiers and those at the homefront sent aid and supported families. The town grew during the war, but suffered after its end.

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Historic Hallowell - The Union Fire Club of Hallowell, Musters, & Carnivals

… the annual World of Mirth carnival and firemen’s musters.The Hallowell Union Fire Club helped the community put fires out, making it a safer place…

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Historic Hallowell - The Fireman's Musters in Hallowell

The NEFMAI was made of governing firemen muster teams. The elected officers were the president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer.

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Historic Hallowell - Police and Fire Citations

Kaufman, Jerry. WHAT A FIRE MUSTER IS ALL ABOUT. 2005. California Fireman’s Muster Association. 16 Apr.