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Item 74883

Downed power lines, 1969

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1969 Media: Photographic print

Item 74755

Tree on car, Auburn, 1943

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1943 Location: Auburn Media: Photographic print

Item 6020

Snow sweeper No. 01 of the Portland Railroad Company

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1920 Location: Portland Media: Photographic print


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Wired! How Electricity Came to Maine

As early as 1633, entrepreneurs along the Piscataqua River in southern Maine utilized the force of the river to power a sawmill, recognizing the potential of the area's natural power sources, but it was not until the 1890s that technology made widespread electricity a reality -- and even then, consumers had to be urged to use it.


A Riot of Words: Ballads, Posters, Proclamations and Broadsides

Imagine a day 150 years ago. Looking down a side street, you see the buildings are covered with posters and signs.


A Focus on Trees

Maine has some 17 million acres of forest land. But even on a smaller, more local scale, trees have been an important part of the landscape. In many communities, tree-lined commercial and residential streets are a dominant feature of photographs of the communities.

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Historic Hallowell - The City of Hallowell

Police officers were dealing with downed power lines, blocking them off and removing them if they were deemed unsafe.

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Historic Hallowell - St. Matthew's Episcopal Church and the Hubbard Free Library

But branches and power lines were down and the heat and electricity was off. Q: Did people still go to church? A: Yes, they still had services by…

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Historic Hallowell - Ice Storm Comparisons

power due to a layer of ice weighing down the power lines. The ice kept coming until the wire snaps. This occurred in both events.

My Maine Stories

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Norcross Deer Hunting
by Albert Fowler

How hunting has impacted my life


Learning to fly and instructing cadets at West Point during WWII
by Vera Cleaves

West Point during World War II


The Wall
by Michael Uhl

What it means to have beaten the odds