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Item 1451

Rebecca Usher diary, 1865

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Location: City Point Media: Ink on paper

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Item 100078

John Young Merrill diary, Leeds, 1860

Contributed by: Leeds Historical Society Date: 1860 - 1861 Location: Leeds Media: Ink on paper

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Item 5657

John Dunn's Moosehead Lake 1889 diary

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1889 Media: Ink on paper

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John Y. Merrill: Leeds Farmer, Entrepreneur, & More

John Y. Merrill of Leeds (1823-1898) made terse entries in diaries he kept for 11 years. His few words still provide a glimpse into the life of a mid 18th century farmer, who also made shoes, quarried stone, moved barns, made healing salves -- and was active in civic affairs.


Umbazooksus & Beyond

Visitors to the Maine woods in the early twentieth century often recorded their adventures in private diaries or journals and in photographs. Their remembrances of canoeing, camping, hunting and fishing helped equate Maine with wilderness.


We Saw Lindbergh!

Following his historic flight across the Atlantic in May 1927, aviator Charles Lindbergh commenced a tour across America, greeted by cheering crowds at every stop. He was a day late for his speaking engagement in Portland, due to foggy conditions. Elise Fellows White wrote in her diary about seeing Lindbergh and his plane.

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Maine and the Civil War - Individuals: Stories, Letters, Diaries

… Individuals: Stories, Letters, Diaries

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Historic Hallowell - Martha Ballard

… fact is that it was recorded for history in her diary-- a diary that covered the last 27 years of her life and included 10,000 entries over a…

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Hiram Historical Society

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