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Item 48474

Rev. Thomas Smith cane, Portland, 1750

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1750 Location: Portland Media: Wood, silver, brass, glass

Item 48473

John Neal walking stick, Portland, 1850

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1850 Location: Portland Media: Wood, gold, leather, metal, brass

Item 48479

John Neal, Portland, ca. 1875

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1875 Location: Portland Media: Photographic print


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Colonial Cartography: The Plymouth Company Maps

The Plymouth Company (1749-1816) managed one of the very early land grants in Maine along the Kennebec River. The maps from the Plymouth Company's collection of records constitute some of the earliest cartographic works of colonial America.


Dressing Up, Standing Out, Fitting In

Adorning oneself to look one's "best" has varied over time, gender, economic class, and by event. Adornments suggest one's sense of identity and one's intent to stand out or fit in.


World War I and the Maine Experience

With a long history of patriotism and service, Maine experienced the war in a truly distinct way. Its individual experiences tell the story of not only what it means to be an American, but what it means to be from Maine during the war to end all wars.

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Life on a Tidal River - The War Effort

… Ladies' Home Journal stated in one issue, "Sugar cane is needed to make molasses. Molasses is used to make industrial alcohol which is needed to…

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Blue Hill, Maine - In Search of the Rustic Life

… was popular and many used handcrafted wooden canes when hiking. Some popular places to hike were Blue Hill Mountain and the Blue Hill Falls Bridge…

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - A Look Inside the Classroom Over Time - Page 2 of 4

In the early 1800s many schools used wooden canes if a child misbehaved. Soon after in the 1850's the leather strap and hickory switch were…

My Maine Stories

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My father, Earle Ahlquist, served during World War II
by Earlene Chadbourne

Earle Ahlquist used his Maine common sense during his Marine service and to survive Iwo Jima