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Item 11308

William Jones apprenticeship contract, Houlton, ca. 1835

Contributed by: Cary Library Date: circa 1835 Location: Houlton; Houlton Media: Ink on paper

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Item 66901

Carlton Fogg's Apprenticeship certification, Waterville, 1921

Contributed by: Kennebec Valley Community College Archive Date: 1921-04-22 Location: Waterville Media: ink on paper

Item 75273

William Curtis Stiles, indenture document, Cumberland, 1882

Contributed by: Prince Memorial Library Date: 1882-06-24 Location: Norway Media: Ink on paper

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Extracting Wealth

Maine's natural resources -- granite, limestone and slate in particular -- along with its excellent ports made it a leader in mining and production of the valuable building materials. Stone work also attracted numerous skilled immigrants.


A Soldier's Declaration of Independence

William Bayley of Falmouth (Portland) was a soldier in the Continental Army, seeing service at Ticonderoga, Valley Forge, Monmouth Court House, and Saratoga, among other locations. His letters home to his mother reveal much about the economic hardships experienced by both soldiers and those at home.


A Riot of Words: Ballads, Posters, Proclamations and Broadsides

Imagine a day 150 years ago. Looking down a side street, you see the buildings are covered with posters and signs.

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Maine Granite Industry-Hall Quarry

… the granite industy had to complete a three year apprenticeship under the supervision of a journeyman stonecutter to enter the stone trade.

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Intro: pages 74-138

… lameness, his sled design, national politics, his apprenticeship to and work for Doctor Increase S. Sanger in an apothecary and tavern, learning to…

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Harris House, Bangor, ca. 1850

… his parents house in 1835 when he began several apprenticeships and lived in the homes of his employers.

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I work as a Journeyman Mechanic, or Millwright at Catalyst
by Linda Deane

Working on a paper machine and as a Millwright can be challenging as a woman and a Union Rep.


Decontie and Brown's venture in high fashion design
by Decontie and Brown

Penobscot haute couture designs from Bangor