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Local History, Technology, and 21st Century Skills

What are 21st Century Skills?

In recent years, "21st Century Skills" has emerged as a useful framework for defining the skills and aptitudes that Americans need in order to be academically, economically, and culturally successful in an era increasingly defined by information and technology. These skills include information, communications and technology literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, civic literacy, and global awareness.

Museums, libraries, and schools can leverage their participation in Maine Memory to promote the development of these skills within their organizations and communities.

The Opportunity

The basic process of contributing to Maine Memory—selecting collections and stories, digitizing material, and sharing it online—requires a few essential resources: basic technical skills, access to computer equipment and the internet, access to and knowledge of historical collections, and a desire to make local history meaningful, accurate, accessible, and engaging. The training and support that MHS provides is designed to help contributors find those resources within their community, and to develop the relationships, skills, and capacity needed to contribute to Maine Memory effectively.

Local History: A Gateway to 21st Century Communities

While many historical organizations are eager to participate in Maine Memory, they often need help. Participation creates rich opportunities for local organizations to come together, share resources, and to define a dynamic new role for local history in their community—one that is relevant, accessible, participatory, and meaningful. Consider the following roles organizations play:

There are many ways to participate, depending on your community's interests, goals, the material and stories you want to share, and the resources you have available. Consider participating, and learn how your community's past can help propel you into the future!