Contributing Partner Resources

Here you will find startup and training resources to help you as a Contributing Partner.

Online Application
Fill this out if you are interested in becoming a contributing partner.

Online Registration
In order to be a Contributing Partner, you need to sign up for a username and password. This will allow us to create a password protected area for you to upload and work on cataloging your items.

Contributors’ Manual (.pdf, 6.5 MB)
A comprehensive guide explaining all the features of the Maine Memory Network and how to upload and catalog digital images.

How to Scan - Video
View this training video to learn how to scan your photographs for MMN.
(Flash plug-in required.)

How to Catalog your MMN items - Video
View this training video to learn how to catalog your items on MMN.
(Flash plug-in required)

Contributors’ Agreement (.pdf, 76 KB)
All contributors need to sign an agreement that explains the rights and responsibilities of a Contributing Partner.

Cataloging Worksheet (.doc, 52 KB)
Use this Microsoft Word document to catalog your items before entering the information into the online cataloging record.

Printable timesheet (.doc, 24 KB)
Since MMN is grant funded, we like to know how much time Contributing Partners spend working on this project. Here is a printable timesheet form for you to fill out.

Transcription Guidelines
All handwritten documents on MMN need to have a corresponding transcription, Our standards can be found here.

Scanning Standards
MMN uses file size as the benchmark for digital files. Read our standards to understand how we prefer that you scan your items.

Equipment Recommendations
Contributing Partners or schools that work on MMN projects need to have some equipment, namely a scanner, digital camera, and computers with Internet connections. Most equipment today will work fine but we have certain recommendations that you might want to review.

General Contribution Guidelines
MMN seeks to include documents and images from all geographical areas of the state, from all time periods, and from many thematic concerns. Refer to this page to see what we accept.

Item Selection Guidelines
MMN has certain materials that it accepts, and some that are not appropriate. Please refer to this page for more details.

Browse Categories (.pdf, 68 KB)
Each item on MMN is categorized using our custom “Browse tool.” This makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Download our browse categories and subcategories to see how things are categorized.