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Lesson Plan: Portland Observatory - Images

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Item 6134

Portland Observatory

Portland Observatory / Maine Historical Society


Item 181

Portland parade, ca. 1885

Portland parade, ca. 1885 / Maine Historical Society

All of these photographs contain images of the Portland Observatory. Put the images in a timeline by using the "arrange order" button on the upper right corner of the screen. Use the "add/edit text" button to add information about each photograph. Use the "e-mail this album" button and send the album to your teacher.
Things you may want to include in your informational text are: What appears in the photograph with the Observatory? Have the buildings or landscapes changed? What time of year was the photograph taken? Be sure to explain why you chose the order of the photographs and include any evidence you found to support your conclusions.


Item 161

Portland Observatory Poster

Portland Observatory Poster / Maine Historical Society


Item 168

Portland Observatory, Munjoy Hill, ca. 1910

Portland Observatory, Munjoy Hill, ca. 1910 / Maine Historical Society


Item 166

Portland Observatory, ca. 1880

Portland Observatory, ca. 1880 / Maine Historical Society


Item 184

Portland Observatory, Portland, ca. 1900

Portland Observatory, Portland, ca. 1900 / Maine Historical Society



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