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Lesson Plan: Portland Observatory - Maps

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Plan of Falmouth Neck, 1690

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Plan of Falmouth Neck, 1690 / Maine Historical Society

This map shows Falmouth Neck drawn as it looked in 1690. In 1786 Falmouth Neck separated from Falmouth (which included present day Cape Elizabeth, Westbrook, South Portland, Portland and Falmouth) and was renamed Portland.

Take a close look at the map and answer the following questions.
What is shown on the map?
Do you recognize anything?
Who do you think lived on the peninsula in 1690?
How big do you think the population was?
Why do you think people would want to settle on Falmouth Neck?
What buildings were important to the community?
How do you think a map like this was made?

Look at the streets - they are named: Queen Street, Thames Street, Broad Street and the Fore Street.
How do you think the street names were chosen?
What are some of the street names in your community?
What significance do those names have to your town and it's history?


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