A.S. Rand with Mt. Katahdin and Granger, "The World's Largest Oxen", Etna, ca. 1904


Pictured here are Alphonso S. Rand and his oxen Mt. Katahdin and Granger at the Etna railway station, ready for another trip to a fair or exhibition. Rand transported the oxen by rail as they were so large. It was seven miles from their home, Cream Brook Farm in Stetson to the station which they always walked in about three hours.

Alphonso S. Rand and his son Clyde, bred and raised the giant oxen Mt. Katahdin and Granger in the early 1900s in Stetson. The oxen eventually became know as, "The World's Largest Oxen", weighing a combined 9800 lbs. In 1904 they were about 2/3 fully grown and Rand began showing them at fairs all over the Northeast.

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