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Pascatway River in New England

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James Phinney Baxter commissioned this map to be copied in Great Britain and Europe in the late 19th century. He later donated the copies to the State. The surveyor who drew the original map is unknown, except for his initials "J. S." The map is undated, but there is a clue about when it might have been made. The first letter of each line of verse just to the right of the map's title, when read vertically from top to bottom, spells out "James Duke of York." The map was therefore made sometime between 1660 and 1685, during the reign of Charles II of England, when his younger brother James held the title of Duke of York. James became King James II in 1685, upon the death of Charles. The surveyor was trying to flatter the duke: Just Great and Good are Princely epithets And each of these your highness well befitts My aime with your great virtues cannot want Encouragement (craving what's fit to grant) Serenest Prince I heer (unto your eye) Declare (by mapp) how England's strength doth lye Unseen in rivers of the New Plantations Kingly commanding heads of other nations Equally it to honor neither Spain Or the boasting Dutch can shew the like againe! Freely accept (Great Sire) the loyaltie Your meanest servant offers to your eye Oceans and rivers ring loud peales of faime Resounding echoes to your honor'd name Kind heav'ns and stars continue long the same.

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