Raleigh Gilbert, Popham Colony, ca. 1607

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Raleigh Gilbert was the son of Sir Humphrey Gilbert and the nephew of Sir Walter Raleigh. These brothers were commissioned by Queen Elizabeth to colonize English claims in the New World. Admiral Raleigh Gilbert was second in command of the Popham Colony. He became the leader of the colony when George Popham died in 1608.

Gilbert sailed up and down the coast and was primarily responsible for developing the fur trade. In the fall of 1608, the ship MARY AND JOHN arrived with the second load of supplies for the Popham Colony. It also brought the news of the death of Sir John Gilbert. Raleigh was Sir John Gilbert's heir. Raleigh then decided to return home to England and claim his inheritance. The colonists gave up the venture and left with Gilbert to go back to England on the ships VIRGINIA and the MARY AND JOHN.

Raleigh Gilbert's house was one of the buildings excavated during the archeological digs at Fort St. George.