Paris Hill Common as it looked ca. 1822


This drawing shows Paris Hill Common and the buildings around it as they would have looked between 1822 and 1838. The drawing is attributed to Percival J. Parris, (ca. 1849-1945).

Under the drawing is written the words; "Jailer's House," "Jail 1822," "First Baptist Church 1803," and "The Deacon Willis House 1810." The "jailer's house" on the left is an earlier version of the building that now stands next to the old jail.

The jailer and his family lived in the house and the jailer's wife prepared the prisoners' meals.

The granite jail was built in 1822, replacing an older wooden jail.

The Baptist church pictured was removed in 1838, and the new building, now standing, was dedicated in December 1838.

The Hamlin homestead is not visible; it is located behind the church building. The Deacon Willis house is to the right of the Hamlin home.

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